Yoga: Heart Opener Pose

‘I will love the light as it will show me the way and I will love the dark as it will show me the stars’.

I recently heard this affirmation and I loved it.

I am finding it hard you see to love the dark, to love the dark space I have in my heart which is gripped with grief for my dad who passed away in the summer.
It’s black. It’s bleak. It’s dark.
When I touch it, I cry.
So I don’t want to go there.
Yet, just like a yoga pose which we don’t like yet we know it’s the one we should practice, I need to.
I need to relinquish the fear, soften into my breath and surrender in to the moment.
Rooting down to the earth to allow me to reach for the stars,
I will soften and use my breath to help me relax.
When I feel resistance I will find my centre again.
I will connect back into the dark and release into the space and welcome what-ever arises.
I will enjoy the openness that I have created and allow the light to flow through me to show me the way.

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Yoga: Heart Opener Pose

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