Occupational Therapy & Sensory Processing Yoga

I am a registered Occupational Therapist and certified Yoga teacher.

I have been teaching and studying yoga since 2000. As an Occupational Therapist I predominately work with children and young people who have sensory processing difficulties, which may be a symptom of their autism, ADHD, DCD, Dyspraxia, motor or postural stability difficulties. I have noticed over the years how Sensory Processing Yoga has a positive impact on their physical, emotional and mental well-being.  Sensory processing is our ability to filter, organise and process sensory information from our environment, so that we can respond appropriately. The sensory information from our environment comes through many different sensory systems, namely the eyes (vision), smell (olfactory) taste (gustatory), touch through the tactile system, movement through the vestibular system and information through our muscles and joints to help us with body awareness through the proprioceptive system.

For many individuals with sensory processing difficulties, Occupational Therapists devise sensory diets to help individuals to develop their sensory processing skills. Through personalised programmes which involve various vestibular (movement –balance) based proprioception (movement and resistance) and tactile (deep pressure and touch) activities individuals can receive the sensory input they need to help them become focused and organised through-out the day. Yoga poses and exercises can complement and contribute to these programmes.

I have been working on an exciting new DVD which is called

Sensory Processing Yoga.

It consists of 4 short yoga practises each about 20 minutes long to support individuals who may need a calming or alerting practice to support their self-regulation as well as practises to support postural stability for those low postural tone and core strength and a motor planning sequence to support balance, coordination and body awareness. In addition there is a short guided relaxation and some breathing exercises which aims to teach effective ways of breathing to support self-regulation, body awareness and core stability.

The Sensory Processing Yoga DVD is available to purchase now.

Sensory Processing Yoga

Sensory Processing Yoga DVD

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