Meditation: My MoNkEy MinD

I have to drop the keys off.
I post the keys through the letterbox.
Before I know it I am in the school playground waiting for Phoebe.
Picking children up.
Her friend needs a lift.
Dropping them home.
I get distracted.
I’m upstairs checking my email.
Did I send it.
Yes, I did.
Did it sound okay?
I think so.
What was it I said now.
I repeat it silently to myself.
I check my inbox.
Oh, never mind.
I need to plan for tomorrow.
I book my train tickets.
I plan my journey.
I do my washing.
I compile a list of things I need to do.
I pack my bag.
I see the birthday card lying there.
I need to post that before I forget.
I glimpse at the clock.
How my mind moves so quickly.
I’ve only been sitting here for five minutes.
I close my eyes and try again.

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