Juno Magazine Book Review: The Yoga of Pregnancy

This book provides a 40-week journey of narrative, intentions, meditations, affirmations and yoga to help a woman connect with her unborn baby. Mel Campbell is an experienced yoga teacher, a healer, and mother to three children, and all three experiences combine to create a reflective but practical guide to follow through pregnancy. Each week uses a different theme such as Our Union of Hearts or Creating Space, and is written in the first person: “ turn my right foot out…”, “I hold you in my hands…” The aim is to honour the weekly development of pregnancy and encourage the reader to listen to her body and surrender to the occasion as she prepares for birth. There are restful meditative images as well as photographs of yoga asanas. I really like the combination of affirmations, reflections and yoga instructions that create an empowering book to help women embrace the mind and body changes of pregnancy.

— Juno Saffia Farr

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