Yoga: Expanding my practice.

For too long I have been trying to expand, reach out and grow whilst still holding on, fearful perhaps of going into an unknown territory. It was only during my yoga last week, I realised this.

In my yoga practice i draw upon the principles of Anusara Yoga, setting my intention, opening to grace and use the philosophy of muscular and organic energy in order for my body to form the shapes of the asanas. I hug in, I expand out, I feel steady, aligned and strong, yet I felt I was getting ‘stuck’ in my practice.There was a sense of resistance in what I was doing. Was this a reflection of what was happening in my life too?

The God for the remover of obstacles

Ganesha – The God for the remover of obstacles

So I paused and breathed.
I breathed into the place I wanted to expand from.
I became open to grace.
I created space.
I hugged in, holding onto this precious space I had created.
Whilst holding onto this space I reached out.
I grew and expanded.
It felt amazing, it felt beautiful.
I felt centred and balanced.
and it made so much sense.
In order for me to reach out in my life,
i need to create space,
hold onto it.
so i have more room to expand and grow.

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