Courage & Determination: Yoga Pose Warrior 1

One of my friends told me she had Candida yesterday

“which means a quite a life change – that is going to be hard when I am surrounded by others who are eating hot cross buns and chocolate biscuits”

she said this as she endearingly looked at her partner who was making a cup of tea.

“Yes, but you have loads of will power” he said.

“But it will take more than willpower” she said!

My husband recently attended an historic court case to support Tony Rooke who has taken a brave stand against the BBC for their part in the 9/11 cover-up/inside-job.

On Friday I was in court at a tribunal as an Occupational Therapist supporting a family who were fighting to ensure their child receives the support he needs to access education.

It takes courage and determination to make change.

When we step on the yoga mat that is our intention.

Through our practice we deepen awareness to ourselves to make change, to grow to transform and to build foundation for change.

As we connect deeper with ourselves we need determination to persevere.



Courage and Determination: Yoga pose Warrior 1

Warrior 1

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