Weekly Yoga Classes, Hassocks, West Sussex

Tuesdays 7pm-8.15pm
£8 drop-in

At the Hassocks United Reformed Church
West Sussex

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Prenatal Yoga – Private Sessions

The Yoga of Pregnancy with Mel Campbell
Unite with your baby through your mind, body and breath

Each week we will spend time to reflect on our experience of pregnancy and unite with our baby through a practice of gentle asana, meditations, visualisations and affirmations.
These will help you prepare your mind, body and soul for all the stages of pregnancy, labour and motherhood.
We will explore breathing techniques and birthing positions to help relieve discomfort during labour and aid for an easier birth and we will practice ways to dispel fears, anxieties and concerns replacing them with feelings of trust, courage and positivity.

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Supportive Birthing Workshops

Ways to have a labour of love and a Happy Birth-day
Arrange upon Appointment

‘Giving birth is a spiritual experience if we can learn to listen to our instincts, trust, have faith and surrender to the occasion. The practice of yoga and meditation during our pregnancy can help us to do this.’ The Yoga of Pregnancy Mel Campbell

During this workshop we will understand the birthing process, explore breathing techniques and birthing positions to help relieve discomfort during labour and aid for an easier birth. We will practice ways birthing partners can assist the mother through massageaffirmations and breathing. We will learn ways to dispel fearsanxieties and concerns replacing them with feelings of trustcourage and positivity. 
So you can experience a labour of love and create a joyful environment to celebrate the Happy Birth-day of your new baby.

Here are photos from my Supportive Birthing workshop at Whitespace, Stony Stafford.

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Praise for Mel’s prenatal classes:

Mel is really fantastic. Since she has three children of her own, she knows what it’s like to be pregnant and to go through labor, and she really brings this experience to bear in her classes. She provides lots of information and reassurance about pregnancy and childbirth which is extremely helpful and comforting especially for first time moms. Her voice is calm and soothing, and she really helps calm and relax you despite the worries of pregnancy or regular life that you might be dealing with before you come to class. She is great at adjusting the class to the needs of the women there–either more strenuous with some vinyasa flow and squats, or more focused on grounding, stretching (like opening hips and legs to prepare for birth), relaxing, and mental prep for childbirth. I always find that her class is very nice personal time to spend with the new baby and connect with him. It’s also very clear that Mel loves what she does. She loves teaching yoga and loves teaching prenatal yoga in particular. Especially for expats living in Chiang Mai,  who are often far away from their families and friends, the support and friendship Mel provides all of her students can be tremendously encouraging during the emotional journey of pregnancy.   Laura V