Time of Change

I am aware that as my eldest daughters reach puberty, my body will be beginning its own adjustments as I head towards the menopause.

As hormones rage through our relatively peaceful home, doors slamming,  tears flowing  uncontrollably and our moods swing from hot to cold (never mind the hot flashes), I see my husband cowering, retreating into his cave, as the females in the house embark on their own, some what turbulent, journey of transition.

Rather than antagonize each other I hope I can embrace this opportunity to unite with my daughters in a Yoga Practise which honors our changing bodies. By listening to our inner wisdom and allowing our bodies to be our guides we can learn together through Yoga to relax our nervous system, balance our hormones and alleviate any signs and symptoms of PMS, and pre-menopause.
A practise which respects these rhythmical cycles of a womans body, can help us to live in harmony with these inevitable changes, so that we can transition with a deeper level of understanding, empathy, dignity and support for our sisters.

As a mother, daughter, sister and Yoga Instructor I am beginning my own new path of transformation with Mother-Daughter Workshops and Retreats in 2011 which will focus on Women Yoga Practices which are dedicated to these time of change.

Supta Baddha Konasana – Reclined Bound Angle Pose

An important pose for any Womans Yoga Practice.
Overall benefits include: Relieving heaviness in the uterus, helps to relieve menstrual cramps, taking pressure off the pelvic area, improving circulation around the abdomen.
A cooling and calming posture, helps to allivate hot flashes, calm the nervous system, opens the chest improving circulation and repsiration.
Also a great pose for all stages of pregnancy; helping to open the pelvis giving the baby more space in utero and preparing the mothers body for the birth. A gentle babckbend this pose can help release tension in the upper back during pregnancy and open the chest to improve circulation and respiration.

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