Super Sonic Exhalations

Sitting,  back against the wall, toes curled under we sit on our heels.
‘Oohh’ its uncomfortable , it even hurts; there’s pain and discomfort in my toes, an uneasiness I have never quite experienced before.
I want to get out of this pose.
Yet I’m the one encouraging my students to ease themselves through the discomfort by focussing on their breath.
The intensity of the pose heightens.
They exhale through their mouth, soft lips, soft tongue, soft jaw.
I encourage them to extend their exhalation, the longer the exhalation the greater the distance between the body and mind, and when our mental awareness is at the far end of a long exhale, then the body can rest.
By focussing on our exhalations we can help release tension, anxiety and ease discomfort.
It’s a lesson I invite them to take with them into labour.
Uncurling their toes, they rest in childs pose.
Relieved it’s all over for a moment.

Thai Goddess Pose

Thai Goddess Pose

‘Oh here it comes again..’
Curling our toes under for another Thai Goddess.
This time we sound ‘ooohh’ through our exhalations.
Incorporating sound into our exhalations helps to give us energy to over come unwanted emotions.
As the discomfort intensifies the sound become louder, more energized.
Shyness is overcome.
Obstacles of inhibitions removed.
The ‘ooohh’ turns into an ‘aaahhh.’
Using deep vowel sounds helps us to direct our energy down.
We visualize the sound on our breath carrying away the discomfort.

Childs pose once again is a welcomed respite.
A pose of calm.
A place to rest, to gather strength, energy and become restored.
Before another surge arises.





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