Keep fit laughter

I can hardly breathe, my mouth is open, I can’t catch my breath, tears are streaming down my face, I am nearly doubled over with the ache in the pit of my stomach as I writhe around helpless. I can’t control myself any more with laughter, although I can’t seem to get my any sound out..and then it comes. The volume is suddenly turned back on as we howl. Its contagious. Its infectious. The more I look at the others around me laughing, the more I laugh, giggle, cackle and snort. When we eventually calm down, despite not remembering what we originally found so funny, I feel as though I have immersed myself in a marathon of pure joy and ecstasy.

Having a good laugh makes me shine from the inside out and simply makes me feel so good about myself and life, connecting me with my body and mind. Its the perfect tonic to lift my spirits, energize me and leaves me feeling amazing afterwards.

It is the best form of exercise I can give myself.

It makes me feel positive, taking away any stresses or feelings of negativity, as I totally immerse myself into the moment. Even when I initially fake laughing it doesn’t take long for the authentic witches cackle  to catch on.

This free, fun, uninhibited emotion brings people together. It makes us feel happy. It is good for our health.

After a belly aching laugh we feel cleansed, our abdominals have had a fantastic workout, our circulatory systems have been stimulated and the natural release of the happy hormones; endorphins, help to improve our immune system and reduce stress as we enjoy a deeper sense of relaxation up to hours afterwards. What better way to bring our body, mind and spirit into balance.

When you realise how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky – Buddha

World Laughter Day – The First Sunday in May

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