A Labour of Love

I have had 3 children naturally, and I can honestly say that giving birth with each of my daughters was an estastic experience of unrestained excitement, filled with moments of intense pleasure and emotion – so does this equate for them to be orgasmic – YES…YES…YES!!!

Or.gas.mic –  An estastic experience of unrestained excitement, with moments of intensity filled with pleasure and emotion excitement.

During a natural, uncomplicated vaginal delivery it is possible a woman can experience sensations similar to an orgasm. Oxyocin, one of the love making hormones is released and it is 10 times higher during spontaneous births than at any other time of a womans life, and as the baby journeys down the birth canal into the vaginal, the vaginal naturally becomes stimulated. However, if we become fearful and fretful during the birth oxyocin is suppressed by the rush of adrenaline and we become inadvertently anxious.

Obviously, I can’t speak for all women, while some women experience a relatively pain free labour, others experience significant discomfort, pain with long, complicated births. However, by creating an atmosphere which is conducive to lovemaking – soft lights, mellow music, sensual smells and ensuring we are in a supportive and loving  environment, surrounded by loved ones – we can feel safe to relax, trust our body and instil a sense of calm as we augment an intention of having a labour of love.

The Orgasmic Birth documentary asks us to question how we view giving birth and the possibility of giving birth in a beautiful, loving, and ecstatic way.

My supportive and Loving Family
First cuddles with Evi