The Yoga of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate, a time to rejoice and feel blessed that we have been chosen to carry such a beautiful gift inside our bellies. A time to celebrate our own lives as well as the giving of another, and it is through the practice of yoga during pregnancy that a mother can welcome, nurture and unite with her unborn child, as she starts to prepare her mind, body and spirit for the all stages of her pregnancy, the birth and the role of motherhood.

Through-out the 40 weeks of gestation a mother’s body takes an incredible journey to support, nourish and nurture her growing baby and therefore it is vital she takes care of herself. Yoga is a gentle way the mother can keep herself active, supple and help to alleviate any common pregnancy symptoms, whilst also helping to prepare her body and mind for labor and child birth.
The practice of Pre-natal yoga gives her the opportunity to create a world (her body) for her baby. One which is healthy and peaceful, by taking time out of her daily routine the mother-to-be can simply be with her growing baby and unite with her unborn child through the mind, body and breath.
Whether new to yoga or a regular practioner a mother-to-be can enjoy all the benefits of Prenatal Yoga. Thai Goddess

My classes are theme based focusing on the deveoplmental changes of the growing child and the phyiscal and emotional changes of the mother-to-be. Weaving these into the practice unites the mother-to-be with her growing child through the mind, body and breath, whilst she embraces all stages of her pregnancy and prepares her body and mind for the birth and the role of mother-hood.

I also offer workshops for the mother-to-be and her birthing partner to explore ways to assist an active and natural birth.

I have currently the pioneer of Prenatal Yoga Classes in Northern Thailand.
Here are some photos from my classes:

Practicing The Birthing BreathParigasana - Gate Pose