Feedback & testimonials from my workshops and courses:

The Yoga of Pregnancy Prenatal Teacher Training

A two day Prenatal Teacher Training Course (registered with the Yoga Alliance, worth 16 CPD points).

“I found the whole experience much more enjoyable, simple, calming and inspiring for my soul, body, mind, practice and role as a yoga teacher than I thought I would. Thank you so much it’s been a joy and a bit of a transformation to acknowledge and honour pregnancy … so many lovely ideas to cherish and consider.
Thanks so much for a great, informative, fun and inspiring weekend. I now use a few of the more fluid movements we went through in my classes and have had a great response 🙂 As well as having my first x2 pregnant clients I now teach weekly!” 
Emily, Yoga Teacher

“Just to say a huge thank you for today. The experience was really grounding and thoroughly enriching for both my body and mind.
Your teaching style just makes it easy and a truly amazing experience.”  Julie, Yoga Teacher

“Mel is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher whose passion and experience in pregnancy yoga filled me with an enthusiasm to make it and the confidence to do so. Thank you.” Alison, Yoga Teacher 

“An engaging, informative, interactive, very well structured workshop. Thank you!” Danny, Yoga Teacher

Sensory Processing Yoga Foundation Course

SPYoga training for teachers & therapists working with children with Sensory Processing Difficulties.

“This course increased my awareness of how yoga can support children and adults and I will be trying this out within the forensic mental health setting.” Catherine, SE Trust worker, Northern Ireland

“This course really helped me make sense of how yoga could be used to help the clients that I work with in a meaningful and age appropriate way. We already have access to yoga sessions and I do some sensory modulation work with clients – I’m keen to combine the two! Thank you!” Ciara, SE Trust worker, Northern Ireland

“A wonderful day on many levels – personal and so many ideas for OT practice.” Lorna, Mental Health Occupational Therapist

“Very useful practical course bringing sensory processing into life – very enjoyable & worthwhile thank you.” Donna, Adult Learning Disability

“Delighted about exercises which get clients out of their ‘headspace’ into their ‘body’.” Elisabeth, ASD

“Thank you for sharing your yoga expertise and giving me some ideas on what ways I can incorporate yoga into SP intervention.” Gillian, Additional Support for Children in Education

Relaxation & Equinox Days