Yoga poses for pregnancy: The Goddess Flow

This suggested yoga pose is from my book The Yoga of Pregnancy by Mel Campbell, Findhorn Press (2012).

It is suitable for all trimesters, however if you have pelvic discomfort take a narrower stance when doing this asana. It is advised not to do any deep squats until after week 34 or once your baby is engaged.

Utkata Konasana Flow – The Goddess Flow

Taking a wide stance along my yoga mat with my feet facing forward and parallel to each other, I turn my feet out at a slight angle, making sure my heels are in line with each other.

I bend my knees, stacking them directly above my ankles and ensuring that they are aligned with my second and third toes.

I bring my hands to form a shape like an opening flower in front of my heart centre; the outside edges of my little fingers and inside edges of my thumbs touch, and the heels of my hands stay connected.

yoga poses for pregnancy from

I tenderly look at my hands and take a breath. I see you as my budding flower and I send nutrients and nourishment to you through my body and breath.

Inhaling, I raise my hands above my head; I follow their movements with my eyes. Simultaneously I straighten my legs.

yoga poses for pregnancy from

Exhaling, I curl my fingers over, so the backs of the fingers touch each other. Softly I bend my knees and lower my arms.

yoga poses for pregnancy from

Once again I form the shape of an opening flower with my hands and rest them in front of my heart.

Repeating this flow five times, I synchronise the movements with my breath.

Mindfully I repeat this week’s affirmation:

                                       Each breath I take sends energy to my growing baby


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