The Yoga of Pregnancy: Our Senses

Week 19: Our Senses

I am sensitive to my needs and the needs of my growing baby

Through seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling we will unite in a practice that stimulates our senses.


Together we will take a gentle walk and awaken our senses.

With each fragrance I smell your nose may twitch,

with each image I see your eyes may blink,

with each sound I hear your ears may listen,

with each breath I take our hearts will beat,

with each step I take I sense you moving beneath my skin

and with each sentiment I feel my love for you will deepen.

Asana for the Week

Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog

The Yoga of Pregnancy book my Mel Campbell

The Yoga of Pregnancy


This week I was sensitive to my world around me

and the world of you inside me,

uniting with you in a practice through all of

our senses.


Adapted from The Yoga of Pregnancy by Mel Campbell

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