The Yoga of Pregnancy: Gratitude

The following is adapted from my book ‘The Yoga of Pregnancy‘ Week 34: Gratitude

Cultivating feelings of thankfulness, I will bow to my heart and find ways to express my feelings of gratitude.

You are now almost like a newborn baby.

Your internal system is almost fully functioning, just awaiting the finishing touches to your liver, kidneys and lungs.

The millions of connections within your nervous system are communicating, responding and interacting with your mind and body.

You have established a rhythm to your sleeping patterns and you respond to touch, taste, sound and light.

The hair on your head is growing and the wrinkles on your skin smoothing themselves out, effortlessly disappearing as you fill out.

I hope they weren’t worry lines – there’s no need to worry, my little one, we are almost there!

Your skin acts like a quilt, keeping you warm and safe, and your complexion becomes a shade of rosy pink.

Each day you are becoming more beautiful as you get ready for your birth-day.

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