The Yoga of Pregnancy DVD

The Yoga of Pregnancy DVD:

Connect with your unborn child through your mind, body and breath.

Turn your focus inward, connect with your growing child, and make your pregnancy the most wonderful and memorable time of your life …

Pregnancy is such a unique and wonderful time of life, and the yoga classes and training videos in this program will help you enjoy the changes in your body and prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your new life ahead.

Whether you’re new to yoga or even if you’ve practiced for years, you’ll learn new practices and insights to help you find a purposeful connection with your own body and your child.

Focusing on creating a conscious union with the growing baby in utero, this DVD introduces a practice of meditations, yoga, and affirmations that reflect the developmental and physiological changes taking place both inside and outside the womb. The DVD enhances the experience of pregnancy and prepares mothers physically, emotionally, and spiritually for child birth and motherhood. Beginners to yoga as well as regular practitioners will learn unique approaches and proper techniques that initiate a healthful, purposeful connection with the mother’s own body and with their unborn child.

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The Yoga of Pregnancy DVD by Mel Campbell

The Yoga of Pregnancy DVD

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