The Yoga of Pregnancy by Mel Campbell

Mel Campbell is a yoga teacher and a mother to three daughters. She was first introduced to the profound benefits of prenatal yoga when she was pregnant with her first child, over fourteen years ago. A dedicated practitioner, she became a certified teacher eight years ago and now teaches adult and children’s yoga (including special needs/sensory integration) and prenatal yoga.

Mel has practiced prenatal yoga throughout each of her pregnancies. She believes that by nourishing and nurturing body and mind through the practice of yoga, mothers-to-be can keep themselves active and supple and address common pregnancy symptoms, while also preparing the mind, body and spirit for all stages of pregnancy, the birth of their new child and the role of motherhood.

The Yoga of Pregnancy is Mel’s first book, and it brings together her two deepest passions; yoga and motherhood. Mel became inspired to write the book when she was pregnant with her third child, Evi, after seeking to draw all the elements of meditation, affirmation and yoga into a practice that deepened her relationship with her growing baby.

Mel believes that giving birth can be a spiritual experience if we can learn to listen to our instincts, trust, have faith and surrender to the occasion, something that the practice of yoga and meditation during pregnancy can help with.

Mel has travelled the world and pioneered prenatal yoga in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Mel is based in Sussex in the UK, where she shares the wisdom of her studies, experiences and understanding to women, leading yoga of pregnancy classes, workshops and retreats.

Mel also works as an Occupational Therapist in a school in Sussex which specializes in Asperger’s, Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder, successfully pioneering yoga to her students.

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