Tantric Birth

Last night at my Prenatal Yoga class we started talking about HypnoBirthing when one woman Freudian slipped ‘ Tantric Birth,’ the other women held their bumps in their hands and laughed…and laughed. Pursing their lips, gripping their teeth and tightening their jaws (I’m sure they were also biting the insides of their cheeks!!) they tried desperately to compose themselves then exploded with laughter some more.

Tantric Birth I had never heard of it (and nor had the woman who said it) yet it surely it was a possibility. It made sense.

Oxytocin known as the ‘love hormone’ ‘ ecstasy’ hormone  gradually increases during late pregnancy and then sharply during labor. It helps us feel good, and it triggers nurturing feelings and behaviors. It is the hormone which gives us a state of altered consciousness during orgasm.

Oxytocin stimulates the uterus to help move the baby down the birth canal and helps to thin and open (dilate) the cervix. It is the hormone which helps the mother and her baby fall in love.

Falling in Love - Evi and Me

Falling in Love – Evi and Me

When we think of Tantric Sex what comes to mind is sexual arousal which is induced by an altered state of consciousness.

Sexual arousal induces the release of oxyotin, if we feel safe, respected, honored, loved, cherished and empowered. However, if we are made to feel confused, silenced, disregarded, disempowered, fearful our flight/fight instincts come into play with the release of adrenaline which counteracts the production of oxytoin.

So, how can we evoke more oxyotin when we are in labour?

When you are composing your birth plan, consider how you can make yourself feel sensual during labour, how can you evoke an altered state of consciousness.
Warm – Private – intimate – soft lights – calming music – an oil massage – kissing – tender touching.

Remember you are a goddess and giving birth is the most maginificant event of your entire life and only you can give birth to your baby. That’s empowering!!
So feel your body, tune into your femininity, sexuality and have a tantric birth.

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