Savasana Guided Visualization

Taken from ‘The Yoga of Pregnancy’ book by Mel Campbell (also available as a DVD).

Week 40

Happy Birth-Day

Asana for the Week: Savasana

Benefits: Savasana helps soothe the nervous system; focuses and calms the mind; relaxes the physical body and helps balance emotions.


The final relaxation and a guided visualization. For this pose I will need a yoga mat, a wall and several small cushions.

This pose and guided relaxation are suitable for all stages of my pregnancy.

5 Savasana Guided Meditation

Savasana Guided Visualization

  • I come to relax in Savasana. I lie on my left side cuddling you
  • I make room for you and use several cushions to ensure that we are both comfortable to rest here for up to fifteen minutes. I place a cushion between my thighs and one underneath my belly for you. I rest my head on a cushion
  • I close my eyes and breathe
  • When I inhale, I breathe in softness, and when I exhale I breathe out any worries or fears [I pause here]
  • I relax my body [pause]. I relax my thoughts [pause]. I relax my feelings [I take a longer pause here]
  • Cradling you in my right hand [pause], I bring my awareness into my heart center. I visualize a golden light shining from my heart [pause]. I watch this golden light beam out in all directions, in all dimensions, touching every single cell of my being [pause]. I feel my entire body being bathed in this light, from the soles of my feet to the tips of my fingers and the crown of my head [longer pause]
  • I see this golden light flowing from my heart center to you
  • Mindfully I repeat this week’s affirmation:
    I love my baby, my baby loves me
  • I follow this golden light, watching it pour from my heart into you [pause]. I watch you bathe in this shining light, rolling, tumbling and immersing yourself in the warm glow from my heart [longer pause]
  • I see this light as a shining sun [pause], I take my awareness to my cervix, imagining my cervix as a beautiful flower bud waiting to unfurl in the light [pause]. I see each petal of this flower slowly open out in the warmth of this sun [pause]
  • Mindfully I repeat the affirmation:
    When I smile my pelvic-floor muscles smile with me
  • Sensing the gentle pressure of your head crowning, I relax with each breath, using my breath to breathe you out [pause]
  • Mindfully I repeat the affirmation:
    I use my breath to birth my baby; with each inhalation I gather strength, with each exhalation I breathe my baby out [longer pause]
  • I watch the golden light beam out as you are born, happy, healthy and shrouded in the warmth of my love. I hold you on my chest; I say to you,
    I love my baby, my baby loves me [longer pause]
  • We are united
  • Slowly I bring my awareness back to my breath, deepening my inhalations and lengthening my exhalations [pause]
  • I bring my awareness back into the present moment
  • I unite with you through my mind, body and breath
  • I stay here for a few minutes before using my hands to gently assist me up into a sitting position

Happy Birth-Day





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