Prenatal Yoga: Getting ready for labour

Being prepared

prenatal yoga getting ready for labour from

My husband Matt catching Evi when she was born

The birth experience can be filled with wonder and anxiety both for the mother and for her birthing partner, so it is important for both of you to feel empowered. The mother can do this through the practice of PreNatalYoga, to help her body, mind and well-being and her birthing partner can be invited to share this with her.

By creating a tool box of different soothing, empowering and relaxing techniques, her birthing partner can use these to dip in and out to help create a labour of love and a wonderful birthing experience.

So, often we are wrapped up in designing the birth of our desire we forget about the journey of getting there.

Just like our partner made us feel special, loved, nurtured and nourished during the creation of baby, we need to feel the same comfort, love and support during the delivery of the baby. We have to remember this is our baby and our delivery and birth.

Empower yourself and take control.

Create a loving environment to help stimulate those love hormones which will ride through you and carry you through the birth experience. Have faith in yourself. As a birthing partner learn affirmations and breathing techniques to support the mother. Do them together. Make sounds together, give her a massage, make her laugh (it releases tension in the pelvic floor), move together, give her a massage, have tantric sex!

Please listen to my dear friend, Mark talk about his birthing experiences, when birthing his five children.
As I watched Mark tell his story I saw the array of emotions which were stirred as he told the story of the birth of his family. I saw the unravelling and processing of all that went on, things that he didn’t realize until now, as he got swept away with the births. I saw the growth of all what the experiences taught him and the strength of his love and fire. It is beautiful, a wonderful gift he shares with us and thank-you him for doing so.
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you.





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