Prenatal Yoga: Creating your space

Being with your growing baby on your yoga mat is a sacred time, a time to come away from your day and be with your unborn child. A place to connect, to enjoy togetherness and to  feel empowered within your pregnancy. It is a place to let go of any fears, anxieties or holdings and connect with your inner power. A place to find your breath, to be quiet and to cultivate a presence of mind, body and soul which you can take with you into labour and into the birth and the more we practice cultivating these during our pregnancy the more instinctive they will be for the birth of our baby.
It takes time, its takes patience, it takes practice.

So it is important to create a beautiful space, free from distractions and interruptions which can become your special place for you and your unborn child to bond.

Into this space bring some flowers, photos of loved ones, light a candle and form an altar to honor this time you are sharing with your unborn child.

Prenatal Yoga: Creating your space

By moving your body in the asana practice you can become aware of the needs of your body and your baby. You can learn to listen and trust your intuition, and prepare your body physically for the demands of labour, so your body is open and ready to receive the birth of your baby with grace.

By meditating on the breath, using different breath techniques and incorporating sound in your practice you can become familiar with how your body can naturally release tension, and ease discomfort.

By bonding and uniting with your unborn child through the practice of affirmations, intentions and visualizations you can prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually and tune into your inherent motherly instincts.
These gifts are the lessons you can learn on the yoga mat during pregnancy and take with you into labour, the birth and motherhood.

This is the Yoga of Pregnancy.


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