Pregnancy yoga teacher training

Yoga during pregnancy is a lovely experience for both you and your unborn child.

Yoga during pregnancy helps to prepare your mind body and spirit for the birth of your child and motherhood and helps support your body during all stages of pregnancy.

It is important you let your body be your guide when practicing yoga during pregnancy as your body is going through significant changes on the inside and with the release of the hormone relaxin during pregnancy your body is naturally more supple, so it is vital you practice with caution as to not over stretch your ligaments and connective tissues.

Doing yoga while pregnant is perfectly safe if practiced with care.
Remember practicing yoga during pregnancy is not about doing, rather it is about the undoing and that is the beauty of the practice.
Prenatal yoga is the true essence of yoga. It is the union of the mother and her unborn child through the mind, body and breath.

To help you continue your yoga practice during pregnancy, find yourself a certified prenatal yoga teacher who has had the necessary training and experience (& ideally a mother!). If you wish to continue your regular class for the first few months please ensure you inform your yoga teacher your are pregnant, so they can support you to make any modifications to your yoga practice.



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  1. Yoga Love says:

    The expectant mother need to take care of their health and also the growing baby in their womb but they should learn the proper technique from an expert and properly trained Yoga instructor.

    Nayeema Akter

  2. Nayeema says:

    Natural resources like black seed oil, aloe vera, organic foods can be great sources of natural healing for women including the pregnant ones.


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