Pregnancy yoga positions

Virabhadrasana I – Warrior 1

Like a warrior

I am triumphant and strong.

Protecting and shielding you

with the armor of my body,

as you continue to grow healthy and strong.

Virabhadasana I - Warrior 1

Benefits: Virabhadrasana I stretches the hamstrings, hips and calves; strengthens the thighs and lengthens the spine.

Cautions: After week 34 of my pregnancy I will practise this pose by straddling a chair with my right sitting bone and the top of my right thigh resting on the seat of the chair, then repeating the pose to my other side. I will avoid this yoga position if I have pelvic girdle discomfort.

Modifications: To help steady myself in this pose I can rest my back heel against a wall and look forward. If I have high blood pressure it is advised that I practise this pose with my hands on my hips.

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