Pregnancy and health: yoga

Adapted from The Yoga of Pregnancy by Mel Campbell (Findhorn Press 2012)

Week 9: Nurturing and Nourishing

As I nurture my body, my body nourishes my growing baby.

During my pregnancy it is vital I stay healthy in my mind, body and spirit, maintaining my well-being so I can support my growing baby in ways which are equally nourishing and nurturing.


Together we take a moment to find stillness and take a rest.

Together we take a moment to reflect on all we have achieved.

Together we take a moment to be proud.

Together we unite in our hearts, and the beauty of all that we share.

Together we take a moment to enjoy the essence of who we are and who we are becoming;

a mother; a child.


This week, while my body took care of my baby, I took care of my body, learning to relax in ways which were both nurturing and nourishing.



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