The Yoga of Pregnancy: My new delivery….

The period of gestation seems to have lasted ages, okay so I have seen her a few times, reassuring me things are going according to plan yet my emotions have been up and down like any pregnancy. One day I am feeling full of excitement, yet other days I am feeling fearful of being overwhelmed with the anticipation of what’s next.

Each day I have nurtured her, worried over her and feared for her. I have had many a sleepless night, tossing and turning, being unable to rest, being woken by her movements as they move through me like a wave until I respond to them.
I have practised flexibility, patience, courage, faith and felt an immense sense of love for something that I have created but haven’t yet met.

And now here she is. I close my eyes and breathe. I feel a wave of emotions move through me.  
I simply don’t know what to do with myself to feel comfortable.
I have to keep moving.
Perhaps I should gyrate my hips and practise the birthing breath.
It is just like any other birth really.
Finally she’s here.
I hold her in my hands.
Adoringly I look down at my creation and cry.

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