Exercise when pregnant

This breathing exercise when pregnant is a lovely way of connecting with your baby and is suitable for all stages of your pregnancy.

Adapted from Weeks 1-6 Our New Beginnings of  The Yoga of Pregnancy by Mel Campbell (Findhorn Press 2012)

Abdominal breathing

For this practice I will need a yoga mat and a small cushion.

  • I find a comfortable cross-legged sitting position and bring my hands around my belly
  • I close my eyes and take a moment to welcome you into my life. I find the natural rhythm of my breath and ride on the waves of my breath coming and going
  • Deepening my inhalations and lengthening my exhalations, I direct my breath down to you
  • I notice my belly rising when I inhale and falling when I exhale
  • This is abdominal breathing
  • I keep my breaths smooth and steady, being mindful of your presence
  • Staying connected with my breath for several minutes, I mindfully repeat this week’s affirmation:

I am fully prepared and committed to welcome this new life as my growing baby begins to develop inside me

exercise when pregnant

The Yoga of Pregnancy


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