Can you do yoga while pregnant?

Recently I was asked;

‘I’m four months pregnant is it safe for me to continue with my yoga while pregnant?’

If you wish to continue your yoga practice now you are pregnant, it is important you find a class taught by a certified prenatal yoga teacher. These classes are specifically designed to accommodate the physical changes taking place in your body and accommodate your blossoming belly and do not teach poses which are contraindicated during pregnancy.

In general poses to avoid are those which contract the abdominals and compress your belly such as deep abdominal twists, revolved triangle, plank, boat, lying prone for cobra, sphinx, bow, locust and practicing kabalabati or breath retention breathing. It is also advisable you no longer practice deep backbends, such as upward bow, full camel and inversions, since they can put undue stress on the placenta and do not encourage optimal foetal positioning.

It is perfectly safe to continue to practice prenatal yoga through-out your pregnancy up until the birth. Your body is naturally becoming more open due to the release of several hormones, in particular relaxin, so it is important you honour your body and if you experience any discomfort or notice anything unusual in your pregnancy stop your practice and seek the advice of a medical profession.

Attending prenatal yoga classes is a beautiful way for you to embrace your pregnancy and connect you to your growing baby through your mind, body and breath. Be mindful you are sharing your practice with your growing baby and above all enjoy this precious time together.

Here is a modified version of the Sun Salutations suitable for the first and second trimester.

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