Yoga Pose: Vrksasana – Growing faith, acceptance and patience

Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Vrkasana is a classic Yoga Pose. It opens the hips and represents grounding, stability and balance. However, for my prenatal students in their third trimester the thought of trying to steady themselves and balance when their centre of gravity has shifted so much made them feel uneasy. Rolling their eyes, they began to fidget and grimace at me for making such a preposterous suggestion.

However, my intention was to go beyond the shape of the pose.

Standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) they found their foundation, connected with their breath, shifted their awareness, aligned themselves…focused…breathed and opened themselves up to possibilities. They used the support of a wall, me, a friend, if they needed too…maybe they didn’t…maybe they did…just for a moment to steady themselves again..they connected with their breath..stayed focused and what grew was a beautiful lesson of faith, patience, acceptance…gifts I invited them to take with them into labour.


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