Through the looking glass…

Well, it seems it’s the year for Alice in Wonderland. Both my daughters Esme and Phoebe have been casted for two very different Alice in Wonderland shows this spring. Alice in wonderland the magical story of the little girl who never wanted to grow up – quite apt for my daughters who are at the in-between ages – being caught between fashion, boys, hormones and snuggling in time to play sylvanian families and pollypockets!!! That difficult age for any mum!!!

As my daughters journey into womanhood, I watch as they become more caught up in the outside world, becoming more concerned about what others think of them, what they wear and their embarrassing mum!!! rather than holding on to the truth of their feelings, thoughts and who they really are from the inside.

So how can we look through this looking-glass and see ourselves from the inside and express this to the outside world with confidence and authenticity?

So often we see ourselves differently to how others see us, self-doubting ourselves, unaccepting of our achievements and offerings  and forever comparing ourselves to others. However, the more we can connect with ourselves and become clear about who we are, so does our viewpoint of the outer world and how we connect to it.

Opening to ourselves can be scary, yet if we remove the masks of our own making, took time to listen and be attentive to our needs, desires, beliefs and our truth. we would re-awaken to our heart  and meet ourselves once again with a warm embrace.

So the next time you stand before a mirror draw a heart around your face, smile and tell yourself with deepest affection
“…..I love you.”

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