Stability versus Freedom

Stability versus Freedom – finding balance between the two was the theme for our Sunday Yoga Practice with Jonas Westring at WildRose Studio

As we found stability from hugging into the midline, connecting with our muscular energy we were freely able to open ourselves up organically from the heart to grow, expand and express ourselves. Through the practice we supported each other in Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand), Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Forearm stand) and Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana (one-legged wheel) to find our balance between stability and freedom.

Today, one of my daughters, Phoebe left to go on a three-day, two night outward bound trip with the school. It’s her double night away on her own, I don’t know who was more nervous her or me. As I wiped away her worried tears  last night and swallowed mine, I thought back to Jonas’ class – Stability versus Freedom.

Having too much freedom can make us free vulnerable, alone, fearful, disconnected, insecure and on the other hand too much stability can make us feel frustrated, irritated, rigid, constricted. As a mother my aim is to provide security and safety for my children in turn they yearn to be free – (away from my mothering) – yet when we release the boundaries a little they feel scared and so do we as parents are constantly juggling the balance between the two – stability versus freedom -…..just like when my partner yesterday played with my steadiness in Handstand, I got scared and  felt the urge to release out of the pose, instead I hugged into my centre, connected to my core strength, and found an openness in my heart to find balance.

As Phoebe enjoys her free days on the outward bound course amongst the security of friends and teachers, I  remind myself when I feel myself wavering; to find my centre, ground myself and find my balance as I support Phoebe to explore hers.

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