Guided Meditation: Enjoy YourSelf

So how do we enjoy ourselves – we enjoy ourselves when we are with friends and family having a good time, when we have time to pursue our passions in life, going to the theatre, dining out, making love – yet do we truly enjoy OUR SELVES – being who we are, where we are in our lives … right now?

It was only when I was self-practicing Yoga the other day that I really considered this phrase.  Am happy with who I am right here?, right now? am I enjoying myself?.

So I surrendered to the moment, gave myself permission to let go of who I thought I was, who I thought I want to be and simply enjoyed myself for being me.

From delving within and accepting myself for who I am in the moment with honestly and authenticity I realised I created an open-ness from my heart for expansion and until I did this I wouldn’t be able to move on and grow as a person.

So I invite you to celebrate who you are right here, right now and enjoy YourSelf.

A Guided Meditation for Yourself

Take a  rest in a comfortable seated position, softly close your eyes and relax.
Take your awareness into your pelvis and ground your pelvis down towards Mother-Earth. Allowing her to support and nurture you. Through this sense of grounding drop the base of the spine through the pelvis and anchor it down. Lengthen the spine as you inhale and as you exhale relax.

Connect with your breath, following the ebb and flow of your breath as you take a journey inside.

Letting go of everything you ever thought you knew about yourself and take a moment to feel how it feels to be you, right here, right now. Without thought or judgment, just feel and enjoy being you right here, right now.

Visualize your body like a map. Being aware of all the places you tend to visit and those places you tend to avoid. Feel them from the inside, touch them with your breath, embrace them, taking time to enjoy yourself.

Stay here for a few minutes before opening your eyes.

Namaste x

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