Yoga for Autism, ADHD, DCD, Dyspraxia, Motor or Postural Stability Difficulties

It was over 5 years ago now that I first began my training to become a sensory integration practitioner to specialise in my field working with children and young people who have sensory processing difficulties as an Occupational Therapist.

As an Occupational Therapist I have always been thirsty to learn about neuroscience, and I distinctly remember the moment when I sensed my pathways as an OT and my passion for yoga converge.

I was working with a young person with a diagnosis of autism and known sensory processing difficulties. This young man had difficulties filtering, processing or organisation sensations from his body or and the environment, in order that he can respond through his, actions or behaviour in an appropriate and effective manner and would often show this through his behaviour; shouting, running and hitting out. He was highly anxious and showing signs of flight, fight and freeze. Having been on my sensory integration course, I realised that he was showing signs of sensory modulation difficulties, he was over loaded with sensory information and in a heightened sense of alertness.

Through my knowledge of sensory integration I knew he needed some deep pressure as a Yoga teacher my pull was through the breath. So we sat on a bean bag, this provided some deep pressure through the tactile and proprioceptive sensory systems and together practised some rhythmical breathing to help him become more regulated. Using his hand a visual aid we traced the fingers of one hand with the other, as he breathed in he traced his finger up his thumb as he breathed out he travelled down his thumb and went up and down the rest of his fingers. We repeated this with his other hand. Slowly his breathing became more regulated and he was calmer.

Yoga for Autism, ADHD, DCD, Dyspraxia, Motor or Postural Stability Difficulties

Have a go and let me know how this makes you feel!

Using his hand and fingers provided him with a visual guide to help him stayed focussed on his breath.

Yoga for Autism, ADHD, DCD, Dyspraxia, Motor or Postural Stability Difficulties.
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Sensory Processing Yoga DVD

Sensory Processing Yoga DVD





Sensory Processing Yoga Foundation Course

Sensory Processing Yoga Foundation Course for people working with children with Sensory Processing Difficulties

At PACE in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on the 21st November for teachers, parents and therapists working with children and young people with sensory processing difficulties. Cost £95.

Date: 21st November 2016, Time: 9:00 – 5:00

The PACE Centre, 156 Wendover Road, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP22 5TE

This one day course has been developed for therapists and professionals working with children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Tutor: Mel Campbell; Occupational Therapist, Advanced Practitioner Sensory Integration, Yoga Teacher 500 RYT, Yoga Author

To gain a good understanding of the therapeutic practice of yoga to support children with Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD).

This course combines theory and yoga practice for therapists and professionals working with children with SPD.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand SPD and the effects on the nervous system
  • Sensory integration and neuroplasticity and how yoga fits
  • How poses, breath work, meditation, relaxation have an impact on the nervous system
  • Develop tools to support Sensory Motor Disorders – Dyspraxia, Postural Motor Disorder
  • Sensory Modulation – How to balance and support the nervous system with yoga

Participants will be required to engage in a focus group session at the end of the day to provide constructive feedback on the course content, delivery, etc.

Refreshments (but not lunch) are provided. Participants are advised to bring a packed lunch.

Cost: £95 (discounted from £125)

Please book early, as places are limited.

Call Annemie Boden on 01296 614 287 or email



Teaching Sensory Processing Yoga

Last month I had the pleasure of teaching Sensory Processing Yoga on a one day course at Ulster University, Belfast to an enthusiastic group of 40 Occupational Therapists who came from a varied field of practice.


Throughout the day we explored:

What are Sensory Processing Difficulties & What is Sensory Processing Yoga?

The course was practical and involved practising different yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation to support sensory modulation, postural difficulties and elements of dyspraxia, namely body awareness, organisation, motor planning and execution of movement.


As an Occupational Therapist working with children with Sensory Processing Difficulties and a Senior yoga teacher, I notice how yoga can support the children I work with. The different shapes we make with our body in the form of the poses, or asanas as they are known in the world of yoga supports the many different sensory systems such as proprioception (body awareness) through the information we gain through the muscles and joints, the vestibular system (movement) through information through the inner ears to support balance, postural stability and arousal levels as well as vision – following visual cues, auditory – following instructions, tactile – touch.

Yoga gives us a platform to integrate different sensory information connecting us to our bodies.


We also had lots of fun exploring different breathing techniques and multi sensory based breathing methods to support self-regulation.

Here is what the participants said about the course:

  • Mel is mindful of everybody in the group and individual differences
  • Delighted about exercises which get clients out of their ‘headspace’ into their ‘body’
  • Very useful course bringing Sensory Processing into life. Very enjoyable & worthwhile. Thankyou
  • Great teaching technique – lovely calm voice! Great opportunity to think outside the box and certainly gained a number of tools for practice, particularly as anxiety among children is becoming more prevalent. Thank you
  • A wonderful day on many levels – personal and so many ideas for OT practice
  • Good introduction to yoga and its uses within the workplace (mental health)
  • Very enjoyable day. Tutor was very good at explaining benefits of yoga for SPD & practice/breathing techniques very useful
  • I see how elements of yoga e.g. breathing may be useful with some of my Learning Disability clients who are wheelchair dependent.
  • I feel confident to try some of the poses as part of a sensory diet with some clients
  • Very well delivered and extremely informative.
  • A worthwhile course. This course increased my awareness of how yoga can support children and adults and I will be trying this out within the forensic mental health setting
  • This course really helped me make sense of how yoga could be used to help the clients that I work with in a meaningful & age appropriate way. We already have access to yoga sessions and I do some sensory modulation work with clients – I’m keen to combine the two! Thank you!




If you would like to attend my next Sensory Processing Yoga Foundation Course click here

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